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Thank you, very interesting and enlightening.

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I love this prediction about the AI Job Suite. It seems very likely that we will be living with AI for a period of time and those with enough knowledge of how to run a business around it will be largely successful. Look at all the beautiful applications already: https://gpt3demo.com/map.

I am a little bit of an astronaut jumping around on discord servers and stuff trying to gobble up as much as I can about all of this stuff. I had a really strange encounter with something called the Project December which had some smoke and mirrors attached to it (sound effects included). I have been staying positive about this but I do think it may be worth exploring the very real potential of scammers using something similar to GPT-3 in the very near future to replace robocalls. I had one AI ask me for my SSN in a very clever way just yesterday.

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Very good overview and outlook

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