Aug 6, 2022 • 10M

The AI Battle Rages On

How it could impact your job and 401k

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Ash Jafari
Discover how AI will change life as we know it through a cross-disciplinary lens.
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Imagine an astronaut riding a horse on the moon. That’s not just some Elon Musk fantasy, the visual is actually a unique piece of art created by DALL·E 2—an image and art AI released by OpenAI a few months ago. By inputting simple text into DALL·E 2, it can produce one-of-a-kind artwork with beautiful images. Input “an astronaut riding a horse in a photorealistic style,” and you’ll get the image below produced in a few seconds.

If the announcement wasn’t mind-blowing enough, I am convinced that this is a part of an $80 trillion dollar AI opportunity that’s not getting enough attention. The bigger implication is that DALL·E 2 is the beginning of the automation of creative jobs. Let’s dive in…

You can read the original Substack post here.

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